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"The third year they bore you to death."

By the time the third year rolls around once wide-eyed, nervous first-year law students have become seasoned, unflappable legal professionals in waiting. They are ready to be done with the law school experience and move onto other things in life like practicing law, making money and giving time to their other interests.

By the third year many law students are bored with the legal education that once interested them so much. As weird as it sounds, when this happens it is because you have accomplished what you set out to do: become a successful law student.

Lawyers do not have rolodex memories that they call upon when they are asked a legal question. Instead a lawyer is someone who is taught to look at a certain set of facts, to figure out what are the most important issues that arise out of those facts, to research and understand the law on those issues, and to make cogent arguments based on the law.

By the final year of law school this is exactly what third-year law students have become very good at doing. Third-year law students no longer need the professor to lead them through fact patterns and cases so that they can understand what is important and why. This causes many third-year law students to begin to feel that there is very little left for them to learn in law school. They respectfully sit in their seats knowing that they are less than one year away from holding the same license that their professors possess; less than one year away from making significant money; and less than one year away from moving on to other things in life.

When you become a third-year law student and feel bored with your legal education, remember that the boredom is a result of your professors successfully teaching you the law and you successfully learning it. That boredom signals your readiness to become a successful professional.

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Good luck in your third year!

Michael Santana

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